“Pigmentology and coloristics
specifics of Hanafy Colours Pigments”


Studio Olga Hanafy

This master-class is for you if you don’t know:
  • How to select the desired pigments for a client
  • Difference between organics and minerals in terms of ingredients and application to the skin
  • What is meant by black and white pigments
  • How to hide the bad permanent make-up and with the usage of what
  • What are the correctors and what are they used for
  • Which color will the pigment turn into after the removal
  • Why is the small remaining notwithstanding the good work
  • Why do the eyebrows color turn into the incorrect one
  • Which technique should be chosen
  • How to work with difficult skin
  • Which needles and machines should be chosen for work
  • Why aren’t you satisfied with «healed work»

After taking Olga Hanafy’s master-class you will have no questions left and you will understand the nuances of permanent make-up

It’s not just a lecture! During the master-class Olga Hanafy will answer all your questions, she will talk about complex things in simple words. High feedback is what our attention is paid to during the master-class, our aim isn’t just to give you the information but to make you understand it so that you can use it in the future
  • Our master-class is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced specialists. For beginners this master-class will form a basis for the continued development as a true expert. It won’t be difficult to surprise the experienced ones, the program is well-prepared and everyone will learn something new!
  • Olga Hanafy is the creator of Hanafy pigments, well-known ones all around the world, she is the owner of her proper studio, assessor and speaker at Russian and international events. So, who else could prepare a really worthwhile master-class for you, which cannot be missed?

  • The master-class success and the high interest of people have resulted in international tour! This master-class is held across the globe so we can proudly call this program global!
  • We will discuss not only pigments but also needles and machines. Their range is simply amazing but how to choose them, what should I pay attention to, which categories are they divided into and how to work with them? We are ready to answer these questions.

Yes, I want to attend this master-class
Why should you choose
Olga Hanafy’s master-class?
Olga Hanafy is one of the most famous masters of permanent make-up in Russia, she is the owner of her own school-studio in Moscow, she is the author and creator of pigments for permanent make-up Hanafy Colours Pigments, of quality recognized worldwide.
She has worked since 2005. Experienced master, professional in her field
International class jury, jury member of many Russian and international championships
She is a practical specialist, holding national and foreign events
She is a founder of the first Russian internet-source for permanent make-up specialists called “PM-forum”
She is a participant at international exhibitions KI-expo и InterCHARM 2011−2016, 2019, 2021
She is a frequent speaker at conferences and congresses regarding the permanent make-up

Master-class program
All the necessary theoretical and
practical knowledge to become a master
  • Pigment classification, main ingredients
  • Difference between organic and mineral pigments
  • Pigment allergenicity - myth or reality
  • Various black pigments
  • Titanium dioxide as a pigment ingredient
  • Features of working with different types of pigments
  • Color wheel: primary, secondary and complimentary colors
  • Difference between the classic color theory and coloring in permanent make up
  • General overview of all brand lines
  • Main eyebrow ruler, rules of color matching depending on type
  • Pigments for eyelids, reflex blue-color shift problem
  • Pigments for lips, detailed description, mixing
  • Correctors and how to use them
  • Olga Kostinetskaya set. Its difference from the main set
  • Brief overview of Irina Maximova set
  • Hairstrokes set. Its difference from the main set and the one of Olga Kostinetskaya
  • Demo presentation (any “interesting zone”, overlap or something else)
  • Demonstration of the whole process on the model including sketching, detailed comments during the work

Discounts, certificates and presents are guaranteed to all participants by world brand HANAFY!

Yes, I want to attend this master-class
Improve your skills, gain confidence and make a step into a bright future!
Nowadays permanent make-up is one of the most demanded areas in beauty sphere. Due to this fact the competition is growing and so that to become a successful specialist it’s needed to practice and acquire new knowledge. Our master-class is the foundation of your success!

Are you afraid of a failure? The aim of our course is to ensure the result step by step. Don’t forget that your “Guide to the world of Beauty” will be Olga Hanafy - Hanafy pigments creator, the owner of her own studio, international speaker and assessor at championships!
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Drawing a sketch of eyebrows and lips in permanent make-up by Olga Hanafy
Permanent make-up analysis of the works of the masters PM Olga Hanafy
Olga Hanafy and Olga Kostinetskaya eyelids secrets
Permanent makeup on dark skin